LENOVO 710s PLUS-13IKB I7-7500U Laptop (80W3005CMJ)

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Up to 6th Gen Intel® Processors

Thin, light, quiet and versatile. The new 6th Gen Intel® processors deliver great mobile performance, blazing-fast responsiveness, and amazing battery life. This feature-packed processor with built-in security is ready to take your productivity, creativity and entertainment to the next level. What's more, by enabling the exiting Windows 10 features, 6th Gen Intel® processors empower you to unleash your imagination and explore the possibilities.

Do Great Things With Windows 10

Combining the best of Windows you already know, Windows 10 Home has many great improvements you’ll love. From fast start-ups to the expanded Start menu, and an all-new browser, to Cortana—your very own digital personal assistant. Now, even across multiple devices, you can get more things done, more quickly, more smoothly.

Lenovo ideapad 710S Plus is powered by Windows 10 Home, so you can do more.

Cutting-Edge Design

With its 5 mm narrow bezel, the ideapad 710S Plus is 50% thinner than many other laptops—offering head-turning style to match jaw-dropping performance.

Crystal-Clear Display

The ideapad 710S Plus's high-resolution 13.3" screen delivers surperb detail, color, and clarity. For high-definition movies and extreme gaming, the optional NVIDIA discrete graphics card guarantees a more intense viewing experience.

The Lenovo ideapad 710S Plus features a crystal-clear display with exceptional details and colors.

Fast Security at Your Fingertips

The ideapad 710S Plus comes with an extra layer of convenience and security. Instead of remembering a cumbersome password, simply swipe your finger across the built-in fingerprint reader to unlock your laptop. You can even set the reader up to allow multiple users to log in to their personal accounts.

Feel more secure and log in with the fingerprint reader on the Lenovo ideapad 710S Plus

Ready for an Always-On Lifestyle

This thin and lightweight laptop is always ready for anything, anywhere with **up to 7 hours of battery life. Plus, with USB always-on charging, you can even charge other devices even when your laptop is in sleep mode.

Advanced SSD Technology

A new kind of solid state drive (SSD) technology, PCIe SSD  promises faster read/write times compared to older SSDs. Now, you can load multiple programs and large files in a snap.

The Lenovo ideapad 710S Plus is thin, light, & fast!

Blazing-Fast Internet

Thanks to the lightning-fast 802.11ac connection, you can stream media much faster than previous technology—so you can watch your favorite online videos, upload photos on social media, or just enjoy listening to your favorite music without buffering.

Superior Stereo Sound

With built-in JBL stereo speakers and Dolby Audio™ Premium, you can expect an awesome sound experience. It's like having a personal home theater built into your ideapad 710S Plus.

Enjoy superior sound on the Lenovo ideapad 710S Plus with built in JBL stereo speakers and Dolby technology.

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