Lian Li Mini Tower PC-Q28A/B

Brand: Lian Li
Product Code: PC-Q28A/B
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Air Flow

PC-Q28 thermal solution, one 140mm fan in the front input cold air into the system,the 120mm fan on the top and the PSU’s fan bring the hot air out.

New side panel installation design

Simple entry, just pushed up to release the side panel, and push down on the side panel for closing.

HDD / SSD Space

PC-Q28 can hold up to four 3.5″ HDD and a 2.5″ SSD in the HDD cage.The HDD cage can be remove for without tool.

Drive rack in the bottom of the chassis, where you can mount two 3.5″ drives. It also support two 2.5″ drives or a 3.5″ and a 2.5″ drives.

( The HDD height will affect the expansion card installation space )

2.5″ HDD + 3.5″ HDD
2.5″ HDD x2
3.5″ HDD x2


VGA Card length:

PSU Space:

CPU Cooler height:

Dual LED Power Switch

(Blue LED for Power on / Purple LED for HDD reading)

Multi-media I/O ports

USB3.0 / HD Audio

Standard ATX PSU



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